Hey y'all! My name is

Catherine S. Weislogel

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, craftsperson, and artist in NYC 



 Master's Thesis

Transcending Blue

Adolescent Interconnection & Empathy in the Age of Screens

A year long exploration of how technology can be leveraged positively to benefit adolescent mental health care. My thesis explores how to support adolescents' journeys into adulthood through multiple avenues—from the everyday to the clinical. To do so, I designed across the phygital spectrum, taking into account the merging of the digital and physical worlds in current culture and society, recognizing the importance of both.


An app supporting students' social and emotional development, and in turn helping counselors support them.

UX/UI, App Design, Design Research, User Testing, Visual Design

Akin to

A co-creation workshop exploring the spaces and ways in which adolescents communicate both today and in the future.

Participatory Design, Co-Creation Workshop, Futuring


A playful intervention for smartphone usage.

Speculative Design, Product Design, Branding, Ad Campaign

Thesis Book

The body of my thesis work in book format, please click on the link below if you're interested in learning/reading more in depth.

Primary and Secondary Research, Academic Writing, Print Design


A 3D canvas for therapeutic creativity that helps young therapy clients express themselves and explore identity.

3D Product Design, 2D Animation, Storytelling


Other Work

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Other Work

Other Work

Adaptive Dwellers

A speculative, interactive exhibition exploring how a group of 18 displaced individuals in the year 2100 A.D. survives in the aftermath of environmental cataclysms caused by climate change.

Exhibition Design, Interaction Design, Speculative Design, Project Management 

Other Work


A razor and service designed for disassembly and the circular economy to support more materially sustainable shaving. 

Design Research, Product Development, Industrial Design, Brand Strategy, Visual Design, Service Design

Other Work


& Craft

Illustration and Craft Section coming soon – please stay tuned! 

Digital Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Hand Crafts, Bookmaking 

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