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Adaptive Dwellers

Wanted Design Exhibition, 2019

This speculative, interactive exhibition explores how a group of 18 displaced individuals in the year 2100 A.D. survives in the aftermath of environmental cataclysms caused by climate change. Unique survival tools, shelter, clothing, and survival strategies provoke conversation about deep adaptation in a catastrophically altered world.


Amidst widespread social breakdown, illness, starvation, and conflict over limited resources, and after long and harrowing journeys from all over the world, the exhibitions posits a group of 18 climate refugees, finding their home in Thunder Bay, Canada. The dwelling is filled with technological innovations—reinvented from scavenged materials—that allow them to survive in this new world. These tools form the pillars of survival, and are divided thematically into the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

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Project Management

Interaction Design

Experience Design

Exhibition Design

Booth and Prop Fabrication

Speculative Design


Project Manager, Fabrication Team

Fire Interaction Research, Ideation, & Design


Booth Fabrication


MFA Products of Design at SVA, Class of 2020

Sinclair Smith

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